Saturday Dev Log #1

Introducing the new saturday devlog. Detailing the week’s dev and the net week’s goal. I’ll be keeping up with this to keep myself on track and allow any one to call me out on being a massive procrastinating twat.

[+] Added new tutorial sprites (left/right swords, pictorial instructions)

[+] Added new MISS sprite

[+] Added enemy_sac

[+] Tweaked gravity, jump strength, other physics. Feels far better now, jumping only goes up to 2 thirds height and falls faster. This allows the player to not over-jump their targets and makes the small height boost from killing an enemy more rewarding

[+] Added new logic for enemy spawning, sorted waves into chunks. Allows my greater control and quicker construction of waves. Also allows a better feeling of ‘random’ that I can control

[+] Added Announcer system to allow characters to come in from the side and speak vital info/flap their gums


[>] Going to add new boss, with new sprites! Will be lovely.

[>] Going to cut the Invasion sidebar on the right and put the Doomstar bar there instead, will have new UI to go with it.

[>] Going to further extend the usefulness of the spawning, improve the logic in it.

[>] Some basic sound! (one or two…)

After ripping the game apart to find faults I re-built it with spanking new code to handle many, many things at once. Allowing me room to let ther systems come through. Tiny screenshot because I’ve got resolution working and I wanted to crush it much as I could,see how it handles it. Very amusing.

Menu backround / logo concept there too for giggles.

Some updates.

Screenspace is now mathematic! so UI is actually adjustable.

The sidebars contain bars rather than counters, this way I make use of the vertical space better. enemies are spawned in waves now that are preset. This way I can have complete control over the difficulty. I may sort the presets into difficulty tiers.

Some assets and design for a scrapped game project. Had a lot of fun and difficulty making it, learned a hell of a lot from a pipeline advantage. Ultimately we weren’t enjoying making it so in the end we scrapped it.

It would of been a tappy swiping pinch athon game with strategic bosses and over the top effects. IT would of been a bit of a take on the usual mobile gaming cut-out where the cute creatures would progressively become more twisted, more grotesque and just plain creepy.

It was meant to be a bit of a way for me to exercise how I feel mobile gaming interacts with players.

It was developed in Unity.

In the end I thought that a new level editor built specially for this game would be waaaaay better. So here’s some early shots of WEME. My Map ed. It takes in .txt files, reads numbers in them and builds a level out of them.It’s not quite finished yet as obvious here, but the bare bones are there.

This allows me total control over level data and it’s easily adjustable for testing. Not only that but in the end, I could support people playing with it, modding support.

I’ll be writing a sort of override too, so that if someone makes a level that is impossible to finish they can hit the override and reset the levels in the game.